Brand Tracker

Last month we mentioned that we would soon be launching 3 new package deals through the TLF Panel:

  • Brand Tracker
  • Post-ad Tracker
  • Pre and Post Ad Tracker

What is a brand tracker?

The Brand Tracker Package is like an MOT for your brand. It tracks, among other things:

  • Usage & Awareness – how aware are consumers of your brand, and how often do they use/see/purchase it?
  • Customers vs. Non-customers – how do results differ between these demographics, and how can you turn the latter into the former?
  • Brand reputation – measure the reputation of your brand across a myriad of factors
  • Consumer opinion – what do consumers really think of your brand, and how do you stack up against the competition?
  • Customer expectations – what expectations come with your brand, and how do these change across sectors/products?
  • Likelihood to purchase – how likely are they to buy your product/service? And what will affect this?

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to start with tracking your brand, so we have whittled it down to 20 key questions to really get the most out of your package. Further details on the questions, plus much more, will be available very soon, keep your eyes on for all the latest updates.

If you would like more information on any of these, or if you are interested in a package we don’t currently offer, please get in touch (, we’re here to help!

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