Always Thinking


We’re a curious bunch here at TLF, and are always on the lookout for new ideas, new concepts and new ways of thinking. Whilst these are always useful for us, and help keep us up-to-date with cutting-edge processes and information, we also thought it would be useful for other businesses, both clients and non-clients alike. To [...]



As the old saying goes, 'charity begins at home'... A fairly loose proverb that means you should take care of one’s family before caring for others. It’s a phrase often banded around whenever donating to charity is mentioned, and one I’m sure charities dread hearing. 2018 was a tough year [...]

What we do


Our panel can be used for such a wide range of different tasks that we thought it would be useful to highlight some of its key capabilities, to help workout if the panel would be useful for you. The panel can be used for all kinds of qualitative and quantitative research projects [...]