Cele-Brioche-on - TLF Panel Case Study

Please excuse the pun, but we love to have a ‘cele-brioche-on’ when our clients get survey results to drive their business forward.

In this case study we highlight how the TLF panel has been used to identify new product opportunities. Our client, an award winning supplier of high quality chilled, frozen and ambient food products, commissioned us to undertake a Usage and Attitude (U&A) survey on their behalf. This survey had a particular focus on pastry goods, but other surveys for the client looked at products across a wide range of categories including antipasti, bakery, chilled desserts, fresh pasta, frozen desserts, seafood and sausages.

Our client supplies retail and food services – with clients such as Waitrose, M&S and Tesco – with full marketing, technical, logistics and sales support and they work in partnership with their customers to keep them at the forefront of their markets.

We have worked with this client since 2011 on a number of consumer insight projects and this recent survey was for one of their key categories – pre-packed continental morning goods – consisting of brioche, croissants, pain au chocolat, waffles, crepes and Danish pastries. The continental morning goods market is growing at over 12% per annum, so it’s a big opportunity!

The research focused mainly on brioche, with objectives including:

  • Occasions when eaten
  • How they are used
  • Consumer attitudes regarding:
    • Healthiness
    • Quality levels
    • Packaging
    • Flavours
  • Product development opportunities

It was agreed the best way to obtain these insights was to survey a nationally representative sample of UK consumers who had purchased continental morning goods in the previous 3 months. TLF Panel was identified as the best data collection method for the speed of data collection, the representativeness and granularity of the sample and the ability to use product images. In addition to demographic information, questions were asked about respondents’ living arrangements, family unit type, grocery spend and shopping habits as well as product usage and preferences.

“This survey made me hungry, and I’m trying to lose weight!”

So said one respondent after completing the survey. Perhaps the photos of freshly baked brioche rolls wihtin the survey prompted this comment!

We’re proud of our quick turnaround on the TLF Panel – Within a month the questionnaire had been agreed, the fieldwork had been conducted, the responses had been analysed, results and charts produced, and the client had presented the findings to their supermarket clients.

New product opportunities were identified by comparing consumers’ current buying habits with their interest in product items that they don’t currently buy. This identified bite sized brioche as the most promising product development area. Since most consumers regard brioche as a special treat and eat it on its own rather than adding a filling, a mixed pack of bite sized brioche would offer some exciting product development opportunities.

The results split the responses according to the store where respondents bought brioche so were extremely well received by both our client and the supermarkets, and at the time of print the results are being used to further develop the products and their marketing, which we’ll see in the shops before long!

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