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At TLF, we’re fanatical about market research. We don’t just run surveys for our clients, we also conduct our own research and write articles based on our findings. We’re always trying to find out what makes people tick, and what drives the decisions they make.

Two of the ways we present our findings are through infographics and articles. On a monthly basis, we add some of these to our website, for people to enjoy, so there’s always a new piece of research to read. Here we’ll give you a brief overview of each section, but to see each one in detail, head over to DATA & RESULTS


Customer insight has always been fascinating, but traditional research reports have often been dry and unengaging. You need to present the key information in a punchier way to cut through the noise and grab the attention of your audience, whether it be consumers, businesses, senior executives or frontline staff.

Infographics are a great way to distil key information into a compact and visually appealing design. The nature of the content can vary from very simple (designed to be quickly processed as a poster, for example) to more complex and innovative. All our infographics aim to marry statistical robustness and insight with graphic design flair.

All our infographics are designed in-house by our talented Design team. Take a look at the variety of different styles on show in our infographic section and you’ll see that they can create any theme or branding you need, and make it look good.

To see the infographics, go to: INFOGRAPHICS



At TLF, research isn’t just what we do, not just our day-to-day job. It’s what we enjoy, what we’re passionate about. So as well as working side-by-side with our clients and finding the best solutions and designs for their projects, we also engage in our own research – we’re always questioning things and wanting to know more. It helps us develop new ideas and, crucially, gives us more experience to tackle clients’ briefs from different angles.

Our articles cover everything from good questionnaire design to the benefits of online panels, from focus groups to case-studies – there’s something of interest for everyone! And just like the infographics, we add to these on a monthly basis, so keep checking back for new and exciting articles.

To see our articles go to: ARTICLES

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