We know that looking for research, particularly getting a definitive cost, can be a daunting and sometimes difficult process. That’s why, here at TLF, we keep our pricing nice and simple, we cost on two things: the number of questions, and number of responses required.

We do include optional extras; for example, extra data splits are £95 each and infographics are £650. But these costs do not change.

Prices start from £345, so head on over to https://tlfpanel.com/what-we-do/ratecard/ to check out our rate card. And if you don’t find something there that suits your needs, drop us an email or give us a call, we’ll try to find something to suit any budget (all our contact details are on the website www.tlfpanel.com).

But there’s more…

Over the coming months we will be rolling out some new package deals, with the aim to provide more cost-effective, simplified options to choose from. These are still being fine-tuned, but as a sneak-peek into the first round of upcoming packages, these will include:

Brand Tracker – measure the health of your/your client’s brand(s). What do consumers’ think of it? How often do they use it? How loyal are they etc. It’s a good way to understand and measure commercial value of a brand as well as helping to plan brand strategy. Measuring it regularly helps to track any changes over time and adapt accordingly.

Post-ad Tracker – measure the effectiveness of one, or several, adverts, in either image, audio or video formats. Get immediate feedback from our dedicated panel after viewing/listening to an advert(s). It’s a great tool for understanding what resonates with consumers, and what doesn’t, to help fine-tune your advertising strategy.

Pre and Post Ad Tracker – like above, you can measure the effectiveness of your adverts, but with pre-and-post you can get an unprompted response to your brand/the sector/your product etc. before the advert, and then follow it up with tracking how their perceptions change after viewing the advert(s). A must-have for understanding changing consumer perceptions, as well as the behaviours these drive.

If you would like more information on any of these, or if you are interested in a package we don’t currently offer, please get in touch (tom@tlfpanel.com), we’re here to help!

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