Using Online Panels for PR Banner

A popular use of TLF Panel is to generate stats and stories which can help businesses and brands:


  • Engage with their existing customers

  • Attract new customers

  • Boost their PR and marketing campaigns

In our experience we have found that stories which are considered quirky, and statistics including celebrities, tend to be more likely to secure media coverage. It seems that in today’s celebrity obsessed world, when stories include peoples’ perceptions of celebrities, they are simply more interesting!

The below 3 examples illustrate how our online panel has helped generate national coverage for leading brands:

Made in Britain Campaign

‘41% of UK adults wrongly believe HP sauce is manufactured in UK’

Five decades after the “I’m backing Britain” campaign tried to revive the fortunes of UK companies, a contemporary counterpart spearheaded by a leading Northern cooker manufacturer has once again sought to boost patriotic enthusiasm for UK made products. Our client commissioned TLF Panel to conduct a survey of 1,000 UK adults to gather perceptions of UK manufactured products, and to find out people’s awareness and knowledge of where products are actually manufactured.

The survey uncovered some shocking stats. For example, the majority of Brits mistakenly believe that brands including HP Sauce and Dyson are physically produced in the UK, whilst in fact they are all manufactured overseas.

Results from the campaign have prompted our client to push for the introduction of an official logo demonstrating which products are made in the UK. They have teamed up with to campaign for the standardised “Made In Britain” marque to be used on British made products.

The survey results and subsequent campaign have generated the client a huge amount of media exposure. They have featured in The Financial Times – both online and in print – and in many other national newspapers, plus a wide variety of trade publications.

The Nations Favourite - HP Sauce
Stress Free Holidays

Stress free holidays

‘Over a third of us have found it difficult to find appropriate flights’

A British low-cost airline challenged their PR agency to promote their new route from Gatwick to Helsinki. Their PR agency appointed TLF Panel to the campaign to boost PR coverage and exposure. The PR team organised a traffic-stopping stunt in London to promote the new route to Helsinki – the sauna capital of Europe! With only seven days to launch, the team quickly commissioned a bespoke Helsinki sauna to tour key locations across London. Employees of the airline were seen relaxing in the sauna on launch day by an estimated 10,000 people at sites including Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge.

They also actioned a preliminary teaser stunt to kick off the buzz on launch day which involved placing branded towels over the arms and around the torsos of famous statues across the capital – grabbing the attention of an estimated 30,000 further passing commuters and generating a flurry of media attention and internet speculation!

At the same time the client inundated the key London, national and regional press with the results of a survey carried out by TLF Panel of over 1,000 people regarding stressful holidays, booking flights and stressful destinations.

Coverage was published in key London titles including The Metro, and National coverage followed the next day in both The Sun and Daily Telegraph. 

The Ideal Bridesmaid

‘The perfect Bridesmaid? Its gotta be Gok!

A major wedding planning website commissioned TLF Panel to survey over 2,000 women regarding their ideal big day, and uncovered some surprising results!

Pippa Middleton was pipped (no pun intended) to the post by Gok Wan at the top of the survey to find Britain’s favourite wish-list bridesmaid. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Angelina Jolie was voted the least likely celebrity to be chosen as maid of honour.

The survey took a refreshing look at the role of chief bridesmaids and the tricky reality of friendships under pressure. The wedding website launched a campaign to find the ‘Ultimate Bridesmaid’, who would then be able to share a wealth of knowledge with those about to take on the role as well as brides gripped by wedding fever.

The survey generated huge exposure in several wedding & bridal magazines and also featured in some tabloid newspapers.

The Ideal Bridesmaid

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