The monthly omnibus survey goes live in the middle of every month and gathers up to 3,000 responses. Panellists expect the survey to contain a range of different subjects and we get really positive response rates and feedback.

The Omnibus is the perfect option if you’re looking to trial the TLF panel or if you have a small number of questions to ask. It provides you with quick and cost effective research, with full analysis and reporting included as standard.

Qualification criteria can also be added to each question to ensure the desired demographic is targeted.

For any questions on the Omnibus survey get in touch: or call 01484 467045

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The Omnibus Schedule 2020

The Omnibus survey goes lives every month and the 2020 schedule gives you all the key dates to plan your research and content. It allows you to work backwards from publication date. Results will always be provided by the end of the month, ready to be used in the following month’s media.

Ready for
the press
Deadline for
submitting questions
February 2020 7th January 27th January
March 2020 11th February 27th February
April 2020 10th March 27th March
May 2020 7th April 27th April
June 2020 12th May 27th May
July 2020 9th June 26th June
August 2020 7th July 27th July
September 2020 11th August 27th August
October 2020 8th September 25th September
November 2020 13th October 27th October
December 2020 10th November 27th November
January 2021 8th December 22nd December