As our software has been created in-house, it gives us complete creative control over the process, letting us offer flexible and tailored bespoke solutions for clients.

Highlights of our software include:

Mobile phone / tablet friendly

the website scales to fit whatever screen size you are using and is optimised for touchscreen devices

Visual / multimedia questions

add image, audio or video files to a survey

Advanced routing

only get the responses from the people you need

Quota Management

set specific quotas on given demographics to achieve desired results

Panelist responses

panellists can upload video or audio in response to questions


customise your survey with specific branding to enhance the experience/reinforce brand message

Input methods

We offer a variety of different input methods to get you the answers in the format you require. These include; single choice, multiple choice, sliding scales, preference order, pick a date, point share, drop-down, grids and many more…

If you want to know if our software can meet your requirements, get in touch and let’s have a chat…

call Tom on: 01484 467045