The panel can be used for all kinds of qualitative and quantitative research projects and is designed for both cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. It is an extremely flexible tool that our clients use for many different types of research, the main ones are:

Measuring customer experience

Measuring Customer Experience

Testing new products

We have sent female panellists beauty products to use for 8 weeks, then completed regular surveys throughout the 8 week period, giving feedback on the benefits they feel and see.

Brand awareness, attitude and usage

We have shown panellists photos of products and packaging with the logos missing to see what brands they can recognise and name competitors unprompted.

Advertising effectiveness

We have shown panellists two short film clips for a new TV advert to see which one is the most popular and memorable.

Recruitment for telephone interviews

We regularly find hard to reach consumers for telephone interviews, for example consumers who recently bought strawberries from a specific food retailer or got a prescription from a specific local pharmacy.

Recruitment for focus groups

We’ve recruited for many different focus groups, including those requiring a specific demographic, such as people with elderly parents that live independently, or those that have made a complaint about their credit card.

PR Stories

We’ve asked panellists many different questions to find headline grabbing facts, including testing consumers knowledge on geography using a map with no place names, asking for their favourite stories from dating situations, asking for their average spend on Christmas presents etc. Many of the results we’ve provided for our PR clients have appeared in the national press.